Achieving Balance

There might be some of you out there that would protest that a mere sprinkle of parsley doesn’t balance a plate of pure fatty sodium. Well look here, I think we know how Pasta Math works a whole lot better than you, so just take a seat.

  • Rateus

    Brett is the best!

  • The Victor

    Is Brett italian?

  • melaredblu

    This is pretty much how I justify having three servings of oreos for dessert.
    I love that permkin cat, by the way. Probably the cutest running gag I’ve seen in a comic.

    • Oreos are the devil’s dessert, you can eat like 10 and not even know you did it!

      Ah yes, Permkin Cat will be my legacy in this world.

  • i mean i’m no expert but that makes complete sense to me

  • Delta-v

    Why does each individual meal have to balance in, and of itself? Does that mean that a salad is an unhealthy, unbalanced meal? NOOOOO! It’s still healthy if it all balances in the aggregate!

    So if I eat nothing but vegetables for the next thirteen years, I’ll come out even. :D

    BTW, thanks for fixing the arrow keys. <3 I needed them several times for this comment. *Blush*

    • Get ready for brussel sprouts and cabbage ALL DAY EVERYDAY

  • Nathan

    Now I’m hungry for alfredo, and maybe permkin pie.

  • Adriano

    I was actually missing the “permkin” thing. Glad you put it back o/

    • Fat Cat would agree with you :>

  • Vas

    But it has calcium! Calcium is good for you, isn’t it?

  • Oh your poor internal organs.

    • To be fair, we only have that dish like…once every three months ahah

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Internal organs are optional at extra cost.

      • Adriano

        Yeah, and external organs are optional for Tenzin xD

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          Prosthesis, it’s all the rage!
          All the cool kids have them now!
          And that one even has lazors!