A Cat By Any Other Name…

…would probably smell as bad as this cat did when she was but a teeny kitten. She could clear a room with her stench. Thankfully, kitten digestion and it’s horrible gassy nature is finally gone and now she’s just…er, plump.

  • Se7en cats

    I see Moxxi has a clipped ear. A sign to us cat rescue folks that she’s spade. Bless you for taking her in. XD

  • χάος Lemur

    Purina™ Kitten Chow did it for our rescue kittens. The litter box was in the bedroom, and when they used it at night (always when we had just retired) we had to hide under the covers for ten minutes. Totally serious. We switched to Dick van Patten’s brand, and the moistly evil fug departed.

    • Ahaha oh no MOISTLY evil sounds terrible

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Ah, Kearen Marie.
    [Yes, I name my cats odd things.]
    She was white with black patches, and 26 pounds of trilling moo cat.
    I miss her.

    • 26 pounds of cat
      are you sure she was just ONE cat