• Rateus

    It may just be because I’ve just got back from Friday Fry-up but I just noticed how much Gloria’s eyes look like fried eggs in panel 3. Haribo ones I guess because they are tiny! ;-D

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Cats can increase their weight at will.
    The box is a Shroedinger box.
    It contains a cat, and it gets heavier the closer it gets to the destination.

  • Alexander83

    May 22? Huh, I kept checking Sprinkles about once a month to check on news about your injured wrist and started to suspect a serious issue until today when I decided to check out your OTHER comic. After half a year I imagined that either your injury healed or you’d start to go on a rampage.

  • Rateus

    Thinking about this a little more I realised how nicely the typical office dynamic is captured here. Sure Jay is technically in charge, but it’s pretty clear that Gloria’s the boss! Never mess with the admins!

    • They control the EVERYTHING haha

      • Rateus

        I regularly bake them cakes and in return them help me with impenetrable office bureaucracy and IT systems. Everyone’s a winner.

  • Azalea

    Black Mudpuppy! ;)
    I hope you’ve been practicing your long jump, Spencer!

  • karmakat

    sooo….time for some snooping? feel at home I guess.

  • Rateus

    Now that’s just mean. Borrow that lizard’s bike and jump it Spencer!

    I really hope we get some journal extracts.