• karmakat

    time to get creative. PARKOUR TIME!

  • Tleno

    Is that a Drugs & Wires references by any chance? :D

    • It IS! Such a great comic :)

      • Rateus

        Another one to add to the list? I’m going to need 28 hour days at this rate…

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    *cue epic parkour electronica*

  • Typical hipster; no money for food, but he has an I -Phone.

  • OMG Go Spencer go!!!

  • Kaiden

    And then it became Mirror’s Edge!

  • Jim Perry

    Now we come to the tutorial part of the comic where the reader learns that in order to climb an object, you must press f5 repeatedly in order to get to the next page…

  • Lalasa

    Creative? I feel like this is less creative and more dangerous, haha. But it’s all about perspective, right?

  • I love the hippie goat dude but I also want to see the croc dude.

  • Parkour parkour!

  • Rateus

    Benton Fraser would have been an amazing delivery man if these are the skills required. Go on Spence, I believe in you!