• Kaiden

    My bet is that the address on the package is Gold Star’s address. Kid’s gonna get halfway across the city before he realizes he needs to get back where he started.

  • karmakat

    for Gloria, the mother in the lot, to react like that…NOW i am ACTUALLY worried for Spencer.

    • Rateus

      He’ll be fine, he seems the resourceful type. Bumps, bruises and maybe minor singeing may occur, but all in the name of character development!

  • Jim Perry

    Jay and Lark would get along really well.

    • AU crossover event coming to a theater near you!

  • I freaking love everything about this panel! The expressions are the BEST.

    • Aaah thank you! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

  • You made Jay curl the cupcake for the biceps shots, didn’t cha? 😁
    Poor Spencer, he doesn’t even know the town yet. I can’t wait to see what he’s up against, though.

  • I love the enraged mamma bear face Gloria has going on XD

  • Rateus

    Lesson # 1 your boss will steal your lunch if you leave it unguarded. Yep. Sounds about right.

    Meerkats are way fast but even so you might want to check a map first, unless you already have an encyclopaedic knowledge of your new home town/city.

    • Gaboris

      Oh so he’s a Meerkat? Heh, okay for some reason I always thought that he’s supposed to be a sloth as a kind of irony or something. XD

      • Rateus

        The Countess tags which characters and species at the bottom of each page just under the title below the page itself. They are links to a character archive to see every page that features that character. She’s too good to us!

        • Gaboris

          ÁH! So there are tags as well? Cool, thanks for the info. :D
          It’s been so long that I’ve seen these properly implemented on webcomics that I’ve completely stopped looking for them… also descriptions. I generally stopped checking descriptions since I just follow too many comics to read them all. XD

  • I’m curious to find out about this mysterious address.