• Rateus

    I just noticed fiber in Gloria’s giant word bubble, do you guys not spell it fibre? I never knew that. Evidently not since fibre is red underlined…

  • karmakat

    did she pack the whole fridge “just in case”? lol
    and here is the big piece of kangaroo mea…err FLUFF hehe

  • Stephen Hill

    Just noticed the string tied on Gloria’s finger…

    • She tries real hard to remember her To-Do list haha

  • Rateus

    Those are very bad for you Jay. Although they do help you look badass.

    • Poor guy’s under a lot of stress ok have you SEEN the crew he’s working with haha

      • Rateus

        Not all of them yet I don’t think, and no where near as much as I would like to :-)

  • Adriano

    Spencer could be Brett

    Wait, actually, did you make it on purpose?

    • I didn’t try to but hey we write what we know, I guess???

      • Adriano

        It’s especially his faces on this page
        I was like “hey looks like typical Brett lol”

        • Rateus

          He’s just your default ruggedly handsome hero type figure, any similarity with Brett is purely coincidental ;-p

  • Peter Anckorn

    Great work! I love Jay’s face design and expression-very cool :)