• Rateus

    I wonder if Icy Hot is the same as Deep Heat that we get in the UK… [Edit, it’s similar, made by a different recipe by a different company. I bet it still makes everyone in the office/changing room’s eyes water!]

    I have a colleague who gets entertainingly grumpy when we call him a youngster, the center panel was very reminiscent!

    • Oh yes, it’s super pungent stuff hahah

  • I love Frank’s crooked neck.

    • Frank and Larry got that lady-killer look don’t they?

      • Rateus

        They do. Unfortunately it’s in the literal, not metaphorical sense. There could be one in that pack right now and he’s off to find somewhere secluded to bury her. He’s only delivering 3 actual packages, the whole job is a cover. O.M.G. Spoilers!

  • Heh in panel 3 I thought Frank’s bag was speaking for a moment XD

    • Hey you don’t know what’s in there

      • Rateus

        See, see! Spoilers! ;-p

      • Adriano

        Is it what’s left of Indira? Lmao