• Tom

    Wow, this is all so beautifully drawn with so many details – I love it!

    • Thank you! There’s a lot to introduce you to in Spence’s world :)

  • Lemme guess: Bicycle delivery.

    • Anything and everything delivery! I can’t wait to get into their delivery hijinks haha

  • Rateus

    Super jealous of Jack, I can’t keep earphones like that in my ears. I bet he never has that problem…

  • H. D. Harris

    Lip rings!! Yesss

  • At least they got company shirts, the most important kind of marketing collateral.
    Only 2 pages and I’m loving this comic. :)

    • I’m sure Jay has a marketing book somewhere in his office that agrees, hah! I’m glad you’re diggin’ it so far! :D

  • Adriano

    I can relate so much to that company

  • Rateus

    Signs are overrated anyway.

  • Short interview.