• pkrcel

    I love your work , and I just realized it’s basically SIX MONTHS we’re into it.

    It’s amazing and leaves me a bit breathless….I understand we’ve basically scratched the surface.

  • Rateus

    Given this universe they must have to keep a lot of sizes of that shirt on stock!

  • karmakat

    Why, wouldn’t I be surprised if all his stuff has been washed and folded? lol

  • Ebonbolt

    That 36 seconds is gonna be riding him for years, isn’t it?

  • The question is why did it get heavier and heavier. Why won’t Gloria wear a gold star shirt? Does she hate conformity?!

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Gloria is the office mom.
      She gives the shirts to her office kids.

      • Adriano

        The only answer

    • Gaboris

      My question exactly. What kind of a contraption/material could be able to raise it’s overall weight and what the heck does its end weight have to do with anything? O_o

      I always believed that our dear anthropomorphic animals can’t exist in a universe with the same physical laws then ours, but this feels like a stretch.
      So I’m REALLY interested to hear this one. :D

  • Haha he likes Spencer’s attitude. Great job kid, I’ve got an interview tomorrow, hopefully it’ll go well too…. xD Sighhhh….

  • Michael Kinyon

    Woo hoo!