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Just a heads up, if you don’t follow me on Twitter – I’m going to give my arm a break for the next two weeks or so now that the first arc of Gold Star is complete! I been having some flare-ups and think some time off will be good for me. Then I’ll go on a batch update schedule so there’s multiple pages in an update! I think that will be easier on me and be nicer to read for you!

Welcome to the crew, Spencer! Now the REAL adventures begin!

  • Qualin

    Hey, there’s been no updates for 5 months. Are you ever planning on continuing this strip? I really enjoyed reading it.

    • I know, it’s been far too long! I’ve been swept up in paying work recently and it’s been tough trying to juggle everything on my plate. I haven’t abandoned GSD, but it’s probably going to have to wait until I have time to give it my full attention!

      • Rateus

        Paying work took priority? Who’d have thought it? You’ll be telling us you like eating and being able to afford a house and stuff next ;-p

  • Ebonbolt

    How are you doing, Jen?

    • Doing good! Trying to juggle more than one comic has been super difficult tho, still trying to work through that!

      • Ebonbolt

        Good to hear. Just checking in.

  • TheFaithfulOne

    Day 48 since the start of the drought.

    I originally did not keep a journal because I was denying to myself the possibility that it could go on this long, I was so sure the creator could not abandon the comic. Now I fear the worse, that something or someone has kept the creator away and these lands bare of new fruit.

    I can only hope that the creator comes back and revitalizes the land before too late, some have already fallen and some have already left in hopes of finding new prosperous lands, but I remain loyal. Our numbers may be slowly decreasing, but upon the creator’s return, one must hope that the others return too.

    For now those of us who stayed in wait must make our permkin stores last as long as they are able, lest we too fall to the abyss.

    • Michael Kinyon

      Chill. It will return when Jen is ready.

      • TheFaithfulOne

        thank you for your very useful and not at all useless comment!

    • Someone didn’t get the memo she’s doing batch updates, and those take longer to make. Pack up your camping gear m8, it’s not the apocalypse.

      • TheFaithfulOne

        It’s. A. Joke. Comment.

        How does nobody get this.

        • Because your attitude is shit.

          • TheFaithfulOne

            I literally only have 3 comments to my name and yet you’ve decided I’m the bad guy here for wanting to make a fun comment, yeah okay.

            Respond to this all you like, but if you continue to require swearing to get your point across, don’t expect a reply.

          • Lol k

          • I haven’t abandoned anything, my dude – I’ve just had a lot on my plate and trying to get caught up! Emily’s right tho, I’ll be doing batch updates going forward, so it’ll be slower going between pages but more of them at one time.

          • Rateus

            You guys shouldn’t have to put up with this sort of nonsense :-(

          • Ebonbolt

            Glad to hear it. I lost track of the link, finally found it back today. Was starting to get worried that it had been abandoned (always read the comments before asking questions ;D ).

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            “but more of them at one time.”

            Mental image: Mox girl doing a belly flop drop onto tge victims lap full weight, then looking smug as the victim is crushed into a helpless puddle to forever tend her highness.

  • We done here?

    • This is just the first arc! I’ve been giving my wrist a bit of a break in-between arcs.

      • Long break.

        • Rateus

          Quite short actually, wrist bones are tiny.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Now hop to it, Spence.
    Empress Moxxie wants something called “” stat

    • Rateus
  • pkrcel

    I love your work , and I just realized it’s basically SIX MONTHS we’re into it.

    It’s amazing and leaves me a bit breathless….I understand we’ve basically scratched the surface.

  • Rateus

    Given this universe they must have to keep a lot of sizes of that shirt on stock!

  • karmakat

    Why, wouldn’t I be surprised if all his stuff has been washed and folded? lol

  • Ebonbolt

    That 36 seconds is gonna be riding him for years, isn’t it?

  • The question is why did it get heavier and heavier. Why won’t Gloria wear a gold star shirt? Does she hate conformity?!

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Gloria is the office mom.
      She gives the shirts to her office kids.

      • Adriano

        The only answer

    • Gaboris

      My question exactly. What kind of a contraption/material could be able to raise it’s overall weight and what the heck does its end weight have to do with anything? O_o

      I always believed that our dear anthropomorphic animals can’t exist in a universe with the same physical laws then ours, but this feels like a stretch.
      So I’m REALLY interested to hear this one. :D

  • Haha he likes Spencer’s attitude. Great job kid, I’ve got an interview tomorrow, hopefully it’ll go well too…. xD Sighhhh….

    • Good luck!!!!

    • Adriano

      How did it go?

      • Not sure, I think it was ok! We’ll see in a week or so~

        • Adriano

          I cross my fingers for you!

          • Thanks! ^^

          • dawnMachine

            I know this was six months ago, but… Gotta admit I’m really curious. X3 How *did* it end up going?

  • Michael Kinyon

    Woo hoo!