• Rateus

    Just noticed there’s still a squash on the desk from the earlier grocery dispensing. Nice call-back!

  • Adriano

    Jay just can’t win against his secretary ahahah
    The secretary always wins!!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Schrödinger box confirmed.
    Out of it will pop a soggy miffed kitty.

  • reynard61
  • Azalea

    Gloria, omg. She’s so cute :)

    • pkrcel

      It’s more the authority that kills me but, YEAH, Gloria rules (literally)

  • Haha they are all so adorable :D I’m sure that Jay just wants to hear that everyone on the team likes Spencer before he actually hires him.
    And I love the colors on this page <3

    • Pretty much – team rule! <3

    • Adriano

      Found you! :^)

      • Fancy meeting you here~

        • Adriano

          I hope you enjoy Jen’s work as much as I do ^^

          • Yes! And I’m envious of her ability to draw perfect beefcakes XD
            Jen! You rock! Your linework is superb and your beefcakes delicious~

          • Adriano

            Ahahah yeah she’s a pro in that domain x)

          • Rateus

            Get a room you three.

            Then tell me where that room is and I’ll bring pizza, chocolate brownies and long island iced tea.

          • Ahhh thank you!!! You’re too kind! (*☌ᴗ☌)。*゚

  • Rateus

    Jay has really strict cussing standards, I say/hear way worse in my workplace.

    I not sure willingness to take dangerous risk that put himself and the package at risk to meet impossibly tight timelines is necessarily a good trait.

    I saw a sneak preview of the final panel without dialogue and the dialogue is way better than anything I imagined!