• karmakat

    so THIS was a magic package or something, that gets heavier over time to test a new delivery guy. Oh my god HIS CUTE FACE AT THE END!

  • Ebonbolt

    Interesting. Delivering to a shipping company. Not something you’d expect.

  • Rychen

    It’s ice.
    It’s just a block of ice!

  • karmakat

    WHAT’S THAT? a magic package or something???

  • pkrcel

    Now, is poor Spencer THAT Short?

    I mean he barely sees over the counter!

  • Rateus

    15mins, 36.65 seconds? But how does he know the precise time Spencer set off? Presumably Jay phoned him to start a stopwatch as soon as Spencer left.

    • pkrcel

      Nope, the package weights an amount directly proportional to the time emaployed for the delivery….that’s why Rhino guy is weighting it.

      AND being “soggy” may mean that the package actually shoudl weight a little less.

      Good job Spencer, I suppose Jay will abuse his position to no end.

    • They’s in cahoots!

      • Rateus

        Cahoots! Cahoots! I’m in cahoots, spaghetti, confetti and caramel flutes.

        (Roger McGough)

  • My new favorite character is the rhino

    • At least he has opposable thumbs, too. Hard to talk on the phone without em.

      • Rateus

        The biggest surprise is him having a shirt on…