• Ebonbolt

    “Curl Up & Dye Hair Salon”? Is that where they insult you constantly while they style your hair? The owner is so sarcastic, she doesn’t even need tools or chemicals; all styling performed by language and tone alone.

  • pkrcel

    Now, he must have crosse the WRONG river…didn’t he?

  • Adriano

    aw geez :/

  • Rateus

    I suggested riverboat Frogger on twitter yesterday Spence and I stand-by that as a better idea. I’ve seen it work in Amsterdam, although that body of water was notably narrower!

    Where did that big puddle come from? We haven’t seen any rain yet. That’s terrible luck. Loving the giraffe through the sunroof :-D

  • “Crappin’ Crackers” (pat. pend.) is the first product in Nabisco’s new over the counter pharmaceutical line.

    • Rateus

      It’s a super childish expletive! Sounds like something out of a Weasley’s Skiving Snackbox.

  • Busy Squirrel

    that lizard and kangaroo in the boat on the 4th panel look like they are on the worst most awkward first date ever and you can’t steal my head-canon now yes.

    • lol I thought “they look awkward” when I drew them but now I love them haha

    • Rateus

      Reminds me of meeting at the City Library and then going to see Toy Story 2 at the near-by cinema :-s. I was such a weiner when I was 17 (not much has changed).