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Gold★Star! Delivery Cast


Gloria the Hamster: The administrator of GS!D and motherly figure to the team, Gloria keeps the ship afloat. She’s skilled at knitting, baking, and forgetting things, but she’s trying to work on that!













Frank the Alley Cat: The first employee Jay ever brought on, Frank is reliable and surprisingly strong for his age. He’ll regale you with tales from his past 7 lives if you let him!














Jack the Jackrabbit: High strung, self-confident, and loud, Jack is the fastest member of GS!D. They also fancy themself a pretty good breakdancer, but stand waaaay back to appreciate their moves – those feet may look tiny but they pack a punch!



















Spencer the Meerkat: Eager to have himself some grand adventures in the city of Lango, Spence is the newest member of GS!D. He’s not half-bad at cooking, likes to read, and has a lot to prove as the rookie delivery guy!




















Jay the Kangaroo: The founder and manager of GS!D, Jay appears to be rather gruff and unimpressed by much when he’s running the shop, but Gloria will tell you he’s a big softie when it comes to his team. Jay’s goals include learning karate, bench pressing 400 pounds, and becoming the number one delivery service in the city of Lango!