Who are you?

My name’s Jennifer and if I’m not drawing comics and beefcake, I’m excitedly yelling about them somewhere.

Uh…what is beefcake?

The male version of cheesecake: pin-up art of well-built men. Check that gallery link if that’s a thing you’re into!

What are the comics about?

Gold Star! Delivery: Meet the group of unlikely heroes saving the world one package at a time! Well, okay, maybe not the world, and maybe nothing too heroic, but Jay and the gang will deliver anything, anytime, anywhere, ON TIME, guaranteed! Follow their adventures by clicking that RSS feed button up at the top of the site or follow me on Twitter!

Sprinkles: Comics about life, cats, marriage, and everything! Each comic is 100% true, 73% of the time. Sprinkles is currently on hiatus, but you can read over 100+ strips starting HERE!

Ticket to Heaven: A furry blue demon named Marchosias gets an email from God to come on up to Heaven and hang out. But Lucifer’s being all super difficult about it and demands Marc collect a list of souls before he is allowed to go. And a lot of shenanigans occur and mayhem ensues. Ticket to Heaven is a complete story comprised of 91 strips: visit the archive to start with the first one!

How do I contact you?

Email me at jenniferdrawscomics @ gmail dot com!